Our Process

How does it work?

At MMD, we use a simple process to offer customized solutions to our customers.

Data Collection

One of our technical representatives will get in contact in order to collect as much information on your requirements and specifications.

We customize our processes to match your specifications and work hand in hand with you to ensure we factor in all of the intricacies of your requirements. We do this to ensure that your orders are processed and delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

After receiving order, the design stage begins. Once completed,
production and our technical director work hand-in-hand to bring designs into a reality.

Before moving forward with delivery, our quality assurance team
inspects all of our products to make sure they hold up to customer's specifications. Once approved, we will ship the final product directly to your business, wherever that may be.

Email: info@mmd-qc.ca
Phone: (514) 336-9998

Let's work Together

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